Established April 2003

Clarion Computer started in April 2003 on Main Street, Clarion. At that time, mostly as a retail storefront specializing in hand built computers and computer service and repair.  (Photo of old school HW)  Over time demand from Business and Professional clients grew tremendously and in 2022 we made the decision to shift our focus completely to our business clients. 

Why we’re different

  • We quickly find problems and install permanent, practical solutions so you and your business can continue to do what you do best.
  • We treat every network and computer as if it were our own.
  • 20+ Years of real word IT experience

Who we are

Jeff M – Working with computers and business networks professionally since the 90s. He has worked on every operating system since the introduction of Windows.  His roots are from a time when you couldn’t use the Internet to help you solve problems.